14th Annual
National Gathering Of Graduate Students

July 12-14, 2014
Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, BC

The 2014 National Gathering of Graduate Students is hosted by the SFU Office for Aboriginal Peoples, and co-sponsored by the CIHR Institute for Aboriginal People’s Health, Kloshe Tillicum NEAHR, and CAHR UVic.


Kloshe Tillicum is no longer able to offer Student, Community or Travel Grants

January 2013 - After 12 years, the Canadian Institutes of Health Research - Institute of Aboriginal Peoples Health has discontinued funding for the Network Environments of Aboriginal Health Research.  As a result, we are unable to provide any funding for undergraduate and graduate scholarships, community grants or travel bursaries.  We have been fortunate to support a great number of emerging health researchers and community projects in the past years and congratulate all of our recipients on their commitment to Aboriginal health research.


Academics say cuts to Aboriginal organizations are hurting crucial research projects

WINNIPEG, Nov. 22, 2012 /CNW/ - Over 100 eminent academics have signed a letter to Aboriginal and Northern Affairs Minister John Duncan demanding that core funding for Aboriginal organizations be restored to protect vital research projects underway.

The signatories highlight that researchers partner with tribal councils, the National Aboriginal Health Organization, and other Aboriginal representative organizations to address "health, education and infrastructure issues that are preventing Canadian First Nations, Métis and Inuit communities from reaching their full potential."

Kloshe Tillicum's Dr. Rod McCormick participated as one of the signatories.

Read more: Canada Newswire; Full text - Letter to Minister Duncan

Related story: Regina Leader Post

Studies strengthen the case against sugary drinks as culprits in obesity epidemic

24 Sept 2012; [Marilynn Marchione (AP): Edmonton Journal] -- New research powerfully strengthens the case against soda and other sugary drinks as culprits in the obesity epidemic.

A huge, decades-long study involving more than 33,000 Americans has yielded the first clear proof that drinking sugary beverages interacts with genes that affect weight, amplifying a person's risk of obesity beyond what it would be from heredity alone.  Read more...


Kloshe Tillicum Writing Retreat May 24-27, 2012

Kloshe Tillicum hosted a writing retreat for grad students working on their thesis or dissertation at Xenia on Bowen Island.  Read more...  

UBC Journalism partners with First Nations to report on major health issues

An innovative UBC Graduate School of Journalism project provides a hard-hitting look into efforts by Aboriginal communities to address such major health and social issues as suicide, sexual abuse, diabetes and the survival of traditional languages.  Read more...

Kloshe Tillicum 2011 graduate scholarship winner, Leigh Joseph 's work Uprooting Diabetes: Riceroot grows again featured in one of the Stories...

Two Kloshe Tillicum graduate scholars win Vanier Graduate Scholarship and CIHR Doctoral Award

Two of Kloshe Tillicum's 2011 graduate scholarship winners have won the two most prestigious health research awards available to graduate students in Canada.  Read more...


Lyana and Jennifer!

Lyana                                               Jennifer
Patrick                                               Leason


Indigenous health’s holistic success

....new Flinders University report shows personal care plans based on a client’s own goals, along with structured systems of support for self-management, are two of the most effective strategies to manage chronic health conditions in Aboriginal communities.  Read more...


Aboriginal Health Services Decimated by Federal Cuts

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